First Time Patients

What you can expect

Aether Medicine focuses on making your healthcare experience empowering, convenient, and beneficial. Dr. Asare Christian acknowledges that there is no “one size fits all” approach to medicine; He puts careful thought, time and consideration into his patient care, creating a customized and personal approach to his treatments to best meet individualized patient-specific goals. All of your visit with us are simple, safe and convenient. From start to finish, your first visit will take anywhere between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Aether Medicine blends scientific advancement and technology with the traditional “doctor-patient” experience. We are changing the narrative around anxiety-inducing doctor interactions, with the goal to transform your experience into a calming, fun and functional visit.

Whether your appointment is in-person or via telehealth, we’re here to ensure you have a positive, effective, and meaningful first visit at Aether Medicine. Below is everything you can expect and look forward to before, during, and after your first visit with Dr. Christian.

What to expect

All of your visits with us are simple, safe, and convenient. Your first visit from start to finish will take between 45-minutes to an hour. Aether Medicine blends scientific advancement and technology with a traditional doctor-patient experience. We strive to create a hospitable and friendly atmosphere always. We want your experience to be fun and functional. We challenge assumptions that going to the doctors’ offices should be dreadful and anxiety-provoking. During your initial visit with Dr. Christian (in-person or via telehealth), you’ll have the chance to fully express all of your concerns, questions, and treatment goals.

Aether Medicine is conveniently located on the Bay Colony Campus. There is ample parking located in front and back of the building. Additional accessible parking located in the back of the building. Once you receive a text from our staff indicating you may enter, please come up to our office on the 3rd floor in Suite #315.

Office Ambiance

We are committed to making your visit stress-free and fun. With our comfortable, personalized rooms, you will not feel like you in a hospital environment. We have four specifically designed patients rooms to cater to a particular type of patient. For example, if you are visiting with complaints of a migraine, we have a room filled with calm lighting, biophilic design, devoid of any “painful” stimuli intended to soothe your body and mind while you wait for your provider.

Contactless Check-In & COVID-19 Procedures

Before your appointment, you will receive a questionnaire to verify non-exposure to COVID-19. If you are exposed to COVID-19 or exhibit symptoms, we need to be informed before your visit. You are required to wear a face mask in our building.

We have also gone contactless to help ensure the safety and well being of our patients and staff members. When you enter the Bay Colony Campus, please text us that you have arrived. Our office will have already provided you with the information to do this during your pre-visit preparation. Once prompted, you will come into the office and taken to a hand-picked room for you with your favorite music playing (if provided).

Your First Visit with Dr. Christian

Your First Visit with Dr. Christian

At your initial consultation… Dr. Christian will take a subjective history to get to know you. He will begin with a series of question that will give him insight into your story. He will gather information about your medical history, functional history, family medical history, current medication regimen, lifestyle choices and prior interventions and whether or not they were successful. He will then conduct a physical exam and may order diagnostic testing or lab values if indicated. After he has gleaned a comprehensive overview of your health and potential diagnosis, he will provide recommendations and suggestions for your personalized treatment plan. Together, you will decide on a treatment plan that best meets your health needs and moves you closer to achieving your goals. Most patients require a minimum of 3 visit for best results. Dr. Christian focuses on optimizing healing, function and preventing re-injury and chronic pain development.

Meet Dr. Christian

Telehealth Experience

Dr. Christian offers telehealth visit where you can speak to him from the comfort of your own home. To book a telehealth appointment, you will need to have access to a smartphone, iPad, laptop or desktop computer with camera and internet access. No additional application downloads are required for your telehealth visit. When your appointment arrives, you will be sent a link via e-mail or text (depending on your preference). In the event of technical difficulties, we will place a call directly to you. Fo your own safety and for best etiquette, we ask that you do not drive during your appointment with your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is anyone allowed to come into the office with me?

Our office is taking all regulations and precautions to keep our community members safe. We please ask that you come to your visit alone. If you require a caregiver, we will allow one person during your visit. They will be required to follow our clinic protocol for COVID-19 exposure.

If it is a contactless check-in, how do I pay?

We don’t think it’s Fashionable to come to a doctor’s office to swipe your credit card. You can pay when it’s convenient for you using your smartphone. We ask that you pay before your visit so you can spend more time with Dr. Christian. Please fill out your pre-visit screen so we can spend time understanding your story instead of filling out forms.

What should I do if I need to cancel my first visit?

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please give us at least 24-48 hours’ notice. That way, we can give your appointment slot to someone else. If you have to cancel with less notice, we require payment for your missed appointment – unless it is an emergency.

I didn't receive any paperwork for my first visit?

When scheduling your appointment, you should have received a pre-visit questionnaire to be completed before your appointment. Please contact our offices before your visit if you did not receive it.