Musculoskeletal Injuries & Disease

Is Your Spine Pain Caused by an Overuse Injury?

Musculoskeletal conditions are among the most common ailments, afflicting innumerable individuals with Pain, Inflammation, reduced mobility, and general Dysfunction. These conditions may range from simple to more complex, with varied causes, including genetic conditions, chronic disorders, and Overuse Injuries. The latter, Overuse Injuries, are alarmingly prevalent and may result from one’s career or hobbies.

Fortunately, we’re here for you with a full spectrum of treatment techniques. You can discover how we can best serve you by contacting us today to schedule a consultation with Rehabilitation Physician and Physical Medicine specialist Dr. Asare Christian in Wayne, PA.

What Will My Treatment Strategy for Spine Pain Look Like?

Proper diagnosis is among the most important prerequisites for an efficient Musculoskeletal Medicine treatment strategy. So, when we see you, we’ll go over all your unique needs and factors to ascertain the cause of your Overuse Injury. Knowing what’s causing your ailment will also allow us to craft a personalized wellness plan for your best possible results. This may include lifestyle modifications to reduce or remove the types of movements or stresses that have caused or exacerbated your condition.

Plus, our varied treatment techniques and technologies are widely accessible, meaning you’ll likely be a candidate if you experience Musculoskeletal discomfort, dysfunction, or limitations. We also strive to make our treatment tactics as effective and easy on you as possible, so we specialize in minimally invasive, nonsurgical, yet efficient techniques and modalities.

After all, long recovery times and potential side effects will only sideline or hamper you further. But by working with Aether Medicine professionals, we’ll do everything in our power to improve your function and comfort without the hassle, lost time, and pain that may be a consequence of more involved procedures such as surgeries or drug regimens.

Is My Spine Pain Caused by Overuse Injury?

Spine Pain is one of the most common conditions worldwide, and it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly how many millions are suffering from its adverse consequences. What is clear is that the majority of people will suffer back Pain in their lives, and Overuse Injuries are a major cause of spinal ailments such as daily Pain and reduced function.

Overuse, repetitive motions, or poor posture can place excess stress on the various tissues of the spine, causing Degradation, Inflammation, and Damage that results in a significantly poorer standard of living.

But our Team is dedicated to reversing these ailments through a comprehensive approach that may combine multiple nonsurgical therapies. For example, we may utilize Anti-Inflammatory Medicines or Pain Injections to alleviate some of the deleterious effects of spinal conditions. We may combine these options with manual or Physical Therapy, Lifestyle Modifications, Supplements, and Relaxation or Mindfulness techniques to craft a multi-point, personalized treatment plan for you.

Explore Your Options for Improved Function and Comfort at Aether Medicine

Spinal conditions and Back Pain keep countless patients in a state of Pain, discomfort, and dysfunction. But this too-common woe can be treated in a variety of ways, and our Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine Specialist, Dr. Asare Christian, has extensive training and experience to offer you the most effective and efficient options possible in Wayne, PA. Simply reach out to us today to explore your options for better living at Aether Medicine.

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