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"Innovative, attentive, and effective. Dr Christian knows how to look at the big picture. He is compassionate and understanding and focused on helping you achieve your goals. You never feel rushed and always feel heard. He is truly one of a kind and I would highly recommend him."
"Dr. Christian is a friend and former colleague that I would trust with my life and those of my family. His professional skill and ethic in the field of physical medicine and rehab is truly special. He dedication to improving access to healing is one to be honored!"
"Dr. Christian and his practice are hands down one of the best. His holistic approach to medicine is something you rarely see in healthcare. As a Physical Therapist, I often refer patients to physicians to collaborate and my number one answer is Dr. Christian at Aether Medicine. The time, care, and determination he shows to his patients is uncanny. Recommend 10/10."
"Dr Christian has been my doctor for several years now. I was unable to walk when I first met him. 5 years later I am able to walk and I am again a functioning beyond anything I would have dreamt would be possible. I am walking again and also driving. I’m able to live my life again. Please allow Dr. Christian help you should you need his guidance."
"Dr Asare Christian is taking care of my great aunt Inez who will be turning 102 years old this year. He has been very caring and compassionate. She has shown improvement since the treatment and continues to assist with her ADL’s and gentle exercises. I would highly recommend Dr Christian to anyone who is experiencing pain.."
"Dr Christian is FANTASTIC! Very knowledgeable and works very well with his patients on trying to create well rounded approach to their health and wellness. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for help!"
"If you are looking for someone to truly listen to you as a patient, you need to schedule a visit with Dr. Christian. He does not simply type symptoms into his laptop and wait for the program to instruct how to treat your illness. He understands you are an individual, and considers all aspects of your health. He treats you as a whole person, not a list of symptoms. If you have been frustrated by the health care system, and have yet to find relief for your pain, I highly recommend Dr. Christian and Aether medicine."
"My wife experienced a concussion in a car accident a few years back and was treated by Dr. Christian. She could not move her neck left or right for a month along with terrible pain and headaches, which led to vision problems. From her first visit, Dr. Christian helped her get her neck moving side to side again. From that point until now, she feels that after going through all that, she has a normal life today thanks to his treatment. He truly cares about the patients, they are not just numbers or statistics to him. She is totally grateful to him for getting the pain under control and now at his new practice, the peptide therapy has helped her get her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome under control. This helps her with weight loss (down 58 pounds), and the PCOS symptoms have almost disappeared. She is grateful to have an amazing physician like him in her life, we are both very thankful for everything he has done for us!"
"Dr Christian is a fantastic pain management doctor. He looks a you holistically and is very compassionate and understanding. He listens to you and works with you to come up with the best treatment plan for you. Even if it requires referring you to another doctor. I have had 3 spine surgeries with constant epidurals and rhizotomies in between them. My last surgery was 3.5 years ago and afterwards Dr Christian came up with a new plan for my muscle spasms. It has been a life saver for me, as my falls had been less frequent for me and I haven’t needed any additional therapy besides what I do at home. Plus the best part is, I do not want to be on narcotics yet and he respects that and treats me without ever needing to use a narcotic! He truly listens to you and works with you, to care for you! I wish there were more doctors like him!"
"Extraordinary. Brilliant. Innovative. Compassionate. He changed my life! Chronic cervical pain brought me to Dr. Asare B. Christian. For years doctors/surgeons restricted my movement and wrote pain prescriptions. I challenged Dr. Christian to help me eliminate the prescriptions (morphine), build the physical/mental strength to minimize the pain and live an active life. He became my partner on an amazing journey. We put together a plan for my recovery. He educated and encouraged me. He listened to my personal goals and got to know my family. He provided the latest practices and resources so I could accomplish what all the other doctors said was impossible. Dr. Christian’s staff at Good Shephard are smart, dedicated, efficient, customer-centric professionals who treat each patient with warmth and kindness. I walk five miles every day. I dance, exercise, garden, do all the things I was told I should never do. He is, quite simply, remarkable."
"Dr. Christian is hands down the best in the business. Not only in medicine, but healthcare. True reformative and proactive healthcare. His approach is integral, conscience, and thorough. He treats people like a human being and looks at ALL aspects of who you are to better understand how he can work WITH you to provide best outcomes. It’s never just about the pain. It’s about the body and how the mind perceives the pain. He equips all his clients with the tools to become your best self beyond the pain. If the pain is what brings you to Dr. Christian then consider yourself blessed. If you work with him and truly follow and use the tools and strategies he equips you with, prepare to be amazed that your quality of simply BEING renews itself and that you may even rise to new heights you never thought possible before you ever had the pain. It’s possible. I promise. From one former chronic pain sufferer to another, not only is there hope with Dr. Christian on your team but a whole new world of wellness and possibilities."
"Dr. Christian was very kind and thoughtful. His exam was thorough. He listened to my concerns and offered modalities to improve my condition that make good sense."
"Dr. Christian is a very knowledgeable, compassionate and caring physician. He was very present when he met with my wife and me. You feel that he really cares and wants to help you heal. Highly recommended."